Tracking Down LA Moving Tips Through Social Media

Monday, May 14th, 2012

LA Moving Tips

Social media is all about getting the info you need right away.  If you’re looking for Los Angeles moving tips and information, why shouldn’t you have the same expectations for expediency.  With that in mind, let’s get to it…

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Countdown to Your La Canada Flintridge Moving Day

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

La Canada Flintridge Moving Day

La Canada Flintridge is not only known as an affluent Los Angeles suburb, but also the home of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  If your move feels like an impending launch, you’d probably love some planning tips.  If you feel like you’ve got plenty of time, you better read the tips anyway, since these things have a way of sneaking up on you…

  • Pre-Packing Your Moving Boxes – If there’s on consistency between all moves, it’s that time flies during the planning phase.  Anything you can do right now will be a big benefit.  That means looking through your stuff and figuring out what you can pack away.  Packing is a pain, but it’s much easier when you choose to do it early.  More general moving tips are available by clicking here.
  • Learn About Your New Neighborhood – One big key to not feeling overwhelmed after your move is to know a little bit about the area you’re relocating to.  Plan a few outings to see the attractions around the La Canada Flintridge area.  Check out our Los Angeles newcomer’s guide by clicking here.
  • Trust Your Move to Reliable Professionals – This is by far one of the hardest things to prepare yourself for.  If you find the right movers in La Canada Flintridge, then you should have no problem trusting them to conduct your move.  Finding the right ones is sometimes the difficult part, though.

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Things to Like About Moving to La Verne, California

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Moving to La Verne, California

The nice thing about a big city like Los Angeles is that you’ve got plenty of suburbs to choose from when you decide to move to the area.  So how do you choose from so many attractive places?  For example, there are a lot of great characteristics that would make you feel happy about moving to La Verne, California.  What are they?

  • Suburbs Close to LA – La Verne is located only 30 miles from downtown LA.  This is a long enough distance to give you a quiet home to relax in, yet close enough so you can get to the attractions of LA fairly quickly.
  • Recreational Activities Near Los Angeles – La Verne is also one of a few suburbs located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  This area is renowned for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities.
  • Easy Moves to La Verne, California – I’ll say it again for those who find it hard to believe…moving to La Verne, California is really easy.  You’ll be able to relocate to this attractive LA suburb with almost no frustration or stress whatsoever, with plenty of money left in your pocket afterwards.

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Relocating to the Suburbs of LA

More moving tips are waiting for you, too:

Moving Rates in Alhambra, CA Are Dangerously Low

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Moving Rates in Alhambra, CA

Alhambra is one of many very popular suburbs of Los Angeles.  One of Alhambra’s main claims to fame is their famous resident, Kenny Loggins.  For those not familiar with the name, Loggins is a famous musician known for songs including “Danger Zone.”  Speaking of which, great companies are offering moving rates in Alhambra, CA that are way into the danger zone on the low side.  When you sit down and consider what you’re getting, it’s crazy to think they don’t charge more…

Moving to Southern California

  1. Trained Moving Staff – Movers who really care take the time to properly train their staff in moving techniques and professionalism.  After all, you’re inviting strangers in your home and trusting them with your possessions.  All moving rates in Alhambra, CA are certainly not created equally when you consider important factors like the moving staff.
  2. Helpful Moving Services – Let’s face it, just about anyone can grab a box and put it in a truck.  The most respected moving companies in the LA area realize some moves need a little more help, which is why they offer other helpful services like packing and storage.  Depending on your moving needs, you may want to explore these options before collecting moving rates in Alhambra, CA.

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Wrangling the Best Moving Rates in Agoura Hills, CA

Friday, July 1st, 2011

The Best Moving Rates in Agoura Hills, CA

Among other things, Agoura Hills is well known as the area that Paramount Pictures once owned a large ranch for filming many of their famous western movies.  Of course, you shouldn’t plan on bumping into Roy Rodgers or John Wayne if you make the move to Agoura Hills.  You’re sad about that, I can tell.  How about if someone taught you how to find the best moving rates in Agoura Hills, CA instead?  Would that make it up to you?  I thought so…

Moving to the LA Suburbs

Moving to the LA Suburbs

Like everywhere else on the planet, the suburbs of Los Angeles have great movers and they have crappy movers.  True, the latter may seem to be more prevalent, but that’s probably because a lot of people think all movers are created equal.  So not true.  There are companies out there that are just looking to make a buck off your move and they could care less how it goes for you or how many people you tell about the horrible experience you had.  As long as they keep snagging folks with their bargain basement pricing (plus hidden fees on the day of your move), that’s all they really need.

Reliable Los Angeles Movers

Ok fine, so high quality movers are important, but you still want an affordable price.  Actually, that all plays into the concept of the best moving rates in Agoura Hills, CA.  After all, I can make you a garbage sandwich that’s way cheaper than your favorite burger, but you’re definitely not going to like it.  The movers you’ll want are those that truly make moving their calling.  They care about providing you with great moving services to make your day as perfect as possible.

Finding these types of movers sometimes feels like panning for gold in the wild west.  Put, no more, now that is here.  With us, you’ll find the best moving rates in Agoura Hills, CA from only the most reliable moving companies.  We’ve already done the sorting and all you need is one quick form to be on your way to free moving quotes in the 91301.

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The Best Los Angeles Moving Guide

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Lately, a lot of people want to find an all-in-one moving guide to make sure they’re doing the right things and checking all the necessary boxes while planning a move to southern California.  Of course, knowing that every move is unique, it’s close to impossible to put together an all encompassing moving guide that will cover every base for everyone.  That having been said, the best Los Angeles moving guide would definitely contain some advice on common issues that may come up during your move…

Reliable Southern California Moving Companies

  • Planning for Traffic During a Move – Southern L.A. is a great example of a region that traffic can be a huge concern during your move.  Get in touch with someone who lives in the area you’ve moving to and talk about traffic patterns.  Try to plan your move around when the traffic is worst, even if it means taking a day off in the middle of the week and moving while everyone is at work.
  • Pre-Packing for a Move – This is a tip you would definitely see on the best Los Angeles moving guide.  Anything you can do to relieve some stress as you approach moving day is definitely a positive.  Start by packing all the items you know you won’t need before your move.  Also, take the opportunity to purge your closets and cabinets of items you know you’ll never want again.
  • Saving Money on Your Move – Saving money during a move is great, as long as you’re finding a great deal on high quality products and services.  Many people get burned during their move by falling for the bargain basement deals on moving supplies or moving services.  The tips we’ve offered in previous posts for finding the right California movers would definitely appear on the best Los Angeles moving guide.

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Friendly, Reliable El Monte Movers – They Do Exist!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

El Monte, California has the slogan, “Welcome to Friendly El Monte.”  But, anyone who’s had a recent experience with a bad moving company in the area probably feels their movers were anything but friendly.  This often happens to those who go against their better judgment and book a bargain basement moving company based on a price alone.  So what do you look for when you want to find reliable El Monte movers?

  • Professional Moving Staff – A likely indicator of reliable El Monte movers is their use of uniformed, professional moving staff that is careful with your belongings.  It never hurts to swing by the office of a moving company and just check out the types of folks they employ.
  • Clean Moving Vehicles – Movers that use clean, insured moving vehicles are unlikely to be corner cutters in other areas.  Companies that take the time to put a good face on their operation are likely reliable.
  • Great Moving Services – Perhaps one of the strongest indicators of reliable El Monte movers is when a company takes the time and effort to offer a wide range of moving services to their customers.  This likely means they are in the industry for the long haul and want to provide what they can to make your moving day to the 91731 or the 91733 go easier.

These are exactly the type of movers you’ll deal with when you search for your movers through  We only deal with the best movers in the LA area so that you don’t have to sort through the moving quotes you receive.

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The Reputation of Palmdale California Movers is Growing Fast!

Sunday, December 26th, 2010


Palmdale is the fastest growing city in all of Los Angeles County and one of the top 25 fastest in the whole country.  With such a population boom, movers are certainly busy.  The good ones keep getting better, while the bad ones keep having issues.  So how do you spot the good Palmdale California movers and avoid the bad ones?

  1. The Best California Movers – First off, be aware that the “best” California movers are those that most closely fit what you’re looking for in a mover.  Just because someone you knew said a certain company was awesome doesn’t mean they’ll fit your needs.  Nail down exactly what you want and go out and find it…at a great price.
  2. Professional Moving Staff – The most obvious way to spot great Palmdale California movers is by looking at their staff and vehicles.  If they have clean, insured moving vehicles driven by uniformed, courteous staff, then you’re off to a pretty good start.  And don’t shy away from stopping by their office beforehand to check them out.
  3. Great Moving Services – How do you know a moving company is really in it for the customer?  How about when they offer a full range of convenient moving services like packing and storage?  The best Palmdale California movers offer these great services and more.  Ask them about it if you’re interested.

Of course, finding these awesome movers has never been easier than with  Here, you’re just a few clicks away from having access to moving quotes from only the very best movers in the 93550 or the 93591.

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3 Easy Steps for Finding the Lowest Moving Rates in Pomona

Friday, December 17th, 2010


When you live near a big city like Los Angeles, it can be difficult to ever believe you found the best deal.  There’s always more vendors to check out.  That’s the case with moving, as well.  How will you ever know for sure you found the lowest moving rates in Pomona?

  1. Knowing Your Move – You’ll never get an accurate quote for moving services without knowing exactly what you need.  The movers you talk to will probably ask you about the number of rooms, the number of closets, how many people live in the house, all to try to get the full info to get you the lowest moving rates in Pomona.
  2. Moving Quotes – Checking with many moving companies is really the only way to know for sure that you’re not paying too much…or suspiciously little, for that matter.  Many customers have had their possessions held hostage in the truck until they pay the hidden fees of their bargain basement moving company.
  3. The Best Movers – A strong contributing factor to the lowest moving rates in Pomona that most people overlook is the quality of the mover.  After all, what you really want is the best deal on reliable movers and great moving services, right?  You want someone you can trust.

If these three steps sound right to you, then you are a great match for  We take all the work out of finding a great mover in the 91765 or the 91768.  You just fill out a quick form and we set you up with moving quotes from the best, most reliable area movers.

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Trustworthy Lakewood California Movers? That’s a First

Monday, December 6th, 2010


Lakewood, California is the home of the very first Denny’s restaurant.  Another first that’s new to the area?  Easy to find, trustworthy Lakewood California movers.  Anyone who’s looked for movers in the Los Angeles area recently may feel this is unlikely.  Well, let’s explore why you’ll never have to be frustrated by a moving company search ever again…

  • Price of a Good Move – Unlike some of the less reliable options out there, with trustworthy Lakewood California movers, you’ll never have to wonder how much you’ll end up paying or whether hidden fees will suddenly appear after your move.
  • Professional Moving Staff – Hopefully this story isn’t familiar to you.  You think you’ve signed on with trustworthy Lakewood California movers, only to see a disheveled, careless staff arrive on your moving day.  When you work with the best movers in the area, you will become accustomed to professional, uniformed staff that are reliable and careful.
  • Great Moving Services – Last but not least, the best movers in the 90712 or the 90805 area are in this for the long haul.  You can tell because of all the helpful moving services they offer their customers.  Packing services, storage units, and great moving boxes and supplies are just a few.

The best part about these trustworthy movers?  You get to pick your favorite with one quick visit to!

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