The Neighborhood Councils of Los Angeles

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles, CA

Neighborhood Councils are in place in several big cities in America, including Los Angeles, California.  If you’re not familiar with the term or how these Councils can affect your daily life in LA, then this article is for you.  Neighborhood Councils are a big part of living in Los Angeles and everyone who’s living in the area or considering a relocation to SoCal should learn about them…

The History of Neighborhood Councils in LA

Neighborhood Councils were first formed in LA in 2001.  These Councils are meant to be representative of and responsive to local constituents than the much larger City Council.  Currently, there are over 90 neighborhood councils in the LA area, which loosely correspond to the areas and neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Council Participation and Action

Participating in a Neighborhood Council simply requires a person to be a stakeholder of some sort, as opposed to living within a certain zone.  Meeting must follow California’s Brown Law, requiring a specific public process, including public participation and comment periods.  Councils generally host monthly “town hall” style meetings with public agendas for attendees to comment on.  The Councils will take positions on applicable issues.  Councils are meant to be independent from City government, but are held in close financial accountability, as each is given a budget of roughly $50,000/year including funds specifically designated for outreach and similar activities.

Neighborhood Councils are just another unique aspect of life in LA that makes it a joy to live here.  If you’re thinking of making the move, take a look at the lineup of high quality movers int he area by clicking the button below.

Finding the Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Analyzing the Latest Los Angeles Lakers Roster Moves

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Los Angeles Lakers Roster Moves

Luckily for the residents of Los Angeles, the Lakers are one of those teams you expect to be in the thick of things every time the NBA playoffs roll around.  That’s not saying team executives take anything for granted, as evidenced by the big splash signings they made this offseason.  Sure, they definitely made some headlines, but what effect do these moves really have on the team?

Of course, the biggest move of the offseason for the Lakers (and pretty much the whole league) was the trade for Dwight Howard.  Initially, it seems like LA simply traded an immature center with tons of potential for an immature center with dominating skills…when he chooses to utilize them.  The nice thing for Howard is that he’s now moved to LA, a team where he won’t have the pressure of being the only All Star-caliber talent.  Howard will absolutely be second-fiddle to Kobe on this team, a situation which should do wonders for his maturity.

The other big move for the Lakers was the acquisition of Steve Nash.  Some may say that Nash is in the twilight of his career, which is certainly true.  However, this move signifies that the suits in LA have identified a clear need on this team and are going for another title or two right now.

Between Nash and Howard, it’s obvious the Lakers have made some dramatic improvements.  Whether it’s enough to keep up with Miami, Oklahoma City, and other front-runners remains to be seen.  If Nash still has something in the tank and Howard can keep his head on straight, the Lakers could easily be the favorites once again.

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The Best Moving Companies in Southern California

How Do I Find Great Deals on Moving Supplies in Artesia, CA?

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Deals on Moving Supplies in Artesia, CA

If you’ve started planning your move to the Los Angeles suburbs, you might have already gotten a good sense of how expensive it might be.  With that in mind, you might be eyeing up your moving boxes and supplies as a place to potentially save some coin.  But how do you go about finding a great deal on moving supplies in the LA suburbs like Artesia without compromising on quality?

Local Sources of Moving Materials

If you’ve already started looking for boxes and supplies for moving, you’re probably focusing on places like the big box department stores, the van rental place, etc.  Even office supplies stores will often stock a few moving boxes.  The problem with almost all local sources is either supply or price.  You want enough selection of boxes and packing materials to fulfill your moving needs, but you also want a price that isn’t set for the impulse buyers.

Online Vendors of Moving Boxes and Supplies

Being the moving experts that we are, we’ve quickly come to realize that your best bet for finding great selection, high quality, and affordable prices are some of the online moving retailers.  These companies typically offer wholesale pricing, free shipping, and a best price guarantee (don’t go with one that doesn’t).  You buy almost everything else online nowadays, why not save some money on your move by using the same technique?

Of course, once you get those moving supplies to relocate to Artesia, CA, you’ll still need someone to move you to your new place.  That’s where comes in.  We’re experts in finding the best moving companies in the LA suburbs that meet your moving needs.  Click the big orange button below to get started.

Suburban LA Moving Rates

What are the Top Los Angeles Moving Tips?

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Top Los Angeles Moving Tips

Moving into, out of, or around the Los Angeles area?  Looking for some moving tips?  Of course you are, that’s how you found this article.  It’s important to get a jump on planning your move so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed later.  You’re definitely doing the right thing by educating yourself early.  So what are the top moving tips for the Los Angeles area…

Pre-Planning a Los Angeles Move

We hinted at this one already, but it’s important to get started as soon as possible with your moving planning.  Whether it’s researching movers, buying moving supplies, packing some boxes, or lining up a babysitter for the kids, you’ll want to get your ducks in a row as soon as possible.  The stress of moving day is always magnified by things piling up at the last minute.

Preparing for Weather and Traffic During Your Move

As your move approaches, you’ll want to keep careful tabs on the weather and traffic.  True, Los Angeles is renowned for its great weather, but everyone can have a bad day.  If rain is in the forecast, you’ll want to have a plan for keeping your stuff dry, a backup day, etc.  You should also take the drive to your new place and figure out the best route to avoid traffic, construction, etc.

The best tip for a successful move is to land the perfect moving company to fit your needs.  How do you do that quickly and easily?  Just click the giant orange button below.  In no time, you’ll receive complimentary moving quotes from the most reliable movers in the 90011, the 90034, and beyond.

Los Angeles Relocation Specialists

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Finding the Best Los Angeles Moving Tips

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

The Best Los Angeles Moving Tips

If you’re in the market for the best Los Angeles moving tips, you’re probably used to coming here to and reading our latest articles.  But what if you want to really keep a finger on the pulse of the moving industry?  For folks like you, we recommend the following options:

Los Angeles Movers on Twitter is on Twitter, allowing you to keep up with the latest moving tips for the Los Angeles suburbs.  You can also check out our LA newcomer’s guide by clicking here.

Movers LA on Facebook

More of a Facebook fiend?  Lucky for you, is happy to cater to this crowd, as well.  Get the latest and greatest when you Like us on Facebook.  Click here for some general moving tips to get you started.

Looking for professional interaction with  LinkedIn is the place for you, then.  Our network is getting bigger every day and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

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Scoring Discount Pricing on Lawndale, CA Moving Rates

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Lawndale, CA Moving Rates

Just because you’re itching to move to southern California doesn’t mean you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg to do it, right?  But you also don’t want to trust your stuff to some bargain basement moving company in the name of saving money.  So when you’re looking for discount moving rates in an LA suburb like Lawndale, how do you balance affordability and quality?

Finding Affordable, High Quality LA Movers

Finding the perfect mix of quality and pricing is a lot like a unicorn hunt for some people…they think it’s flat impossible.  You’ll either end up paying through the nose for some high end moving company or you’ll get hit with hidden fees and shoddy service by one of those cut rate movers.  Without investing a ton of time researching a company’s history, staff, vehicles, etc., you may have a hard time nailing down the quality you can expect.

Choosing the Right Movers for Your Moving Needs

Getting discount pricing on Lawndale, CA moving rates while maintaining quality isn’t actually that difficult, provided you partner with the right folks.  Here at, we’ve already invested all the research time described above and have filtered out all the uber-pricey or unreliable moving companies.  That means when you click the big orange button below, you’ll get free moving price quotes from the best relocation firms in the 90260.

Moving to the LA Area

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Why You Need to Explore Your Los Angeles Storage Options

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Los Angeles Storage Options

For most of us, moving can be a real pain.  There’s a crazy amount of planning that goes into it, then it seems like nothing goes like you wanted it to on the day of your big move.  If you’re in the midst of planning a move, you’d probably love to explore any opportunity to make it go easier.  As luck would have it, looking into your various Los Angeles storage options could do just that…

Why Los Angeles Storage Could Be Right For You

Consider a high quality, long-term Los Angeles storage unit as a staging area.  Whether your new house isn’t ready quite yet or even if you’d just like to get a jump on getting things out of your current home, a storage unit can be a lifesaver.  Of course, just like with anything else during your move, you’ll want to get a great mix of affordability and quality with your storage unit.  So where do you go for that?

Finding Storage Units in the LA Area

Getting Storage from LA Area Moving Companies

Speaking of making things easier, today’s moving companies have all kinds of tactics to take some stress off you during your moving process.  This includes providing you access with high quality Los Angeles storage units at an affordable price.  How do you find reliable movers that can provide such awesome services?  Again, that’s easy.  Just click the giant orange button above and you’ll get free moving quotes from the best companies in the area.

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Bad Moving Companies in Temple City, CA Are Shaking in Their Boots

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Moving Companies in Temple City, CA

Clearly, you’re interested in moving into, out of, or around the southern California area.  In case you haven’t completely read up on your SoCal history, you might be interested to know that Temple City is located near the Santa Ana River, which was once known as Rio de los Tremblores, which means, “River of the Earthquakes.”  Richter scale aside, bad moving companies in the LA area were already shaking in their boots, with our without a rumble beneath the Earth’s crust…

How Not to Find Moving Quotes in the LA Area

Bad moving companies in Temple City, CA (and all across the country) have a few common ways of tricking people into doing business with them.  The most common is when people simply look for the lowest bidder, figuring all movers are equal.  That’s when things like shoddy service and hidden fees start cropping up, ruining your day and your savings.  So why don’t these tricks work anymore?

Affordable, Reliable Relocation Companies in Southern CA

Now that is here, bad movers in Temple City, CA are in big trouble.  This website is all about making movers compete for your business.  Not just any movers, though, we only deal with the very best moving companies in the LA area.  So if you’re looking to relocate to or from the 91780, you now only have to click the big orange button below to get setup with great rates from the best movers in southern California.

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A Summary of Helpful SoCal Moving Advice

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Helpful Southern California Moving Advice

Any move is all about the proper preparation.  The number one regret among those who moved recently is not having taken more time to sit down and plan each aspect of their move more carefully.  So where do you go for helpful SoCal moving advice?  As luck would have it, you’re already there.  Here at, we’ve got a bushel basket full of great tips for you to peruse…

  • Moving to the LA Area – The LA area has its own little tricks and quirks that should play into the planning of your move.  Check out our moving guide for a start on what to expect.
  • Checklist for Southern California Moves – We have a lot of great moving experience, which we’ve summarized in a handy checklist to help you along your path toward a great move.
  • Neighborhoods and Suburbs of LA – Our articles often address the various popular suburbs and neighborhoods of LA, along with what things you’ll need to know if you plan on relocating there.  Check in often to see when your new hometown becomes the topic of the week.

Your best bet for having a great move?  Starting with a great moving company.  We love to set people up with free moving price quotes from the best SoCal movers.  All you have to do is choose your favorite company.  Just click the big orange button below to get started.

Finding the Lowest California Moving Rates

Getting Educated About Moving Companies in Claremont, CA

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Moving Companies in Claremont, CA

So you’re out there on the internet looking for some tips for moving to the Claremont, CA area.  Good idea.  But did you know that Claremont is most well known for its network of nearby colleges?  We’re talking about seven different schools within a relatively small area.  Even if you’re thinking a little of that smarts will rub off on you after you get there, you’ll want to get pretty well educated about selecting a moving company in Claremont, CA before moving day…

Affordable Los Angeles Moving Rates

  • Helpful LA Area Moving Services – First off, you’ll need to determine whether or not your moving company of choice can really offer all the services you need or want to get your move done right.  This could be anything from packing services to a storage unit.
  • Professional Moving Staff – What you probably don’t want is a moving company that sounds great, but uses unreliable, unprofessional moving staff.  The people who come into your home and handle your things should be courteous and careful throughout the process.
  • Insured, Clean Moving Vehicles – It’s very important to select from moving companies in Claremont, CA that take those little extra steps to provide for their customers.  A company that utilizes only insured, clean moving vehicles is likely to fit this bill.

If you’re smart, you’d probably rather have someone do all this research for you, right?  That’s where comes in.  We’ve already sorted through all the moving companies in the 91711 and beyond, letting you choose from free price quotes on moving services from only the best movers in the area.  All you have to do is click the big orange bar above and fill out a quick, 5 minute form.

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