The Fastest Growing Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA

True, housing isn’t exactly booming across the country, but there are certainly some areas within each state that are growing in population faster than others.  If you’re looking for the hottest neighborhoods or towns in the LA area, where would you go?  Right here is a great place to start…

90005 – Sanford, CA

Located almost exactly halfway between downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, this area just off the Hollywood Parkway certainly has experienced more than it’s share of growth recently.  Several large parks are located nearby, as is Paramount Studios.  This areas has seen a 10% growth in population in recent years.

90020 – Sanford, CA

Clearly, the Sanford area is hopping right now.  90020 is located just north of 90005, giving you the same access to all the great things listed above.  It’s probably no coincidence that two zip codes in such a great location are among the fastest growing in the LA area.

90068 – Hollywood, CA

It’s unlikely we’ve had a big population boom of actors and actresses lately, so clearly all kinds of folks are heading out to the 90068.  What’s not to like?  Hollywood Hills, Burbank, NoHo Art District, Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens are just a few of the great attractions nearby.  You really can’t go wrong relocating to the 90068.

Want to review info on other Los Angeles neighborhoods?  Check out by clicking here:

Whether you want to live like a rock star or just be close enough to downtown to enjoy the sites once in awhile, you’ll want reliable, affordable movers in the LA area to get you there.  That’s where we come in.  Just click the big orange button below to get started reviewing quotes from several of the areas best relocation companies.

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What to do for Entertainment on Your First Night in Los Angeles

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Your First Night in Los Angeles

A lot of people are drawn to the LA area because of the great entertainment and attractions available.  Having said that, it can be pretty overwhelming to relocate to the area and try to find something to entertain yourself right away.  So what’s the best entertainment for your first night in Los Angeles?

  • Checking out the Local Attractions – If you just can’t wait to get out there and hit the town, there are a few websites that can help you find something quickly. is one of the best, with detailed user reviews and ratings and the ability to filter by neighborhood and price range.  Check them out by clicking the following link:
  • Having Fun at Home in LA – Then again, just because you moved to the glitz and glamour of LA doesn’t mean you have to dive in your first night.  Consider entertainment in your home.  Rent a movie or hook up your Wii or PS3 right away.  It’s a great way to have some family bonding time right away.
  • Keep Unpacking – For some of us, the most entertaining thing would be to be done with unpacking as soon as possible.  If this is the case with you, there’s nothing that says you can’t just keep slogging along and finish up sooner.  You’ll have fun when it’s done, right?

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Tracking Down LA Moving Tips Through Social Media

Monday, May 14th, 2012

LA Moving Tips

Social media is all about getting the info you need right away.  If you’re looking for Los Angeles moving tips and information, why shouldn’t you have the same expectations for expediency.  With that in mind, let’s get to it…

Los Angeles Movers on Facebook

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Another 350+ have decided we’re worth following on Twitter.  If you’re more into Tweeting than Facebooking, then we’re happy to report you can get access to all the same great Los Angeles moving tips through our Twitter page.  I know, it’s a sense of pride to be the first among your friends to learn about finding the best deals on moving rates in the LA area.

Bottom line, you’ve come to know as your best source for information and advice for relocating to the City of Angels.  And, if you’re ready to take the leap and start receiving free moving quotes from the best movers in the 90005, the 90020, and beyond, then we’ve got the giant orange button for you (see below).

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How Do I Find Great Deals on Moving Supplies in Artesia, CA?

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Deals on Moving Supplies in Artesia, CA

If you’ve started planning your move to the Los Angeles suburbs, you might have already gotten a good sense of how expensive it might be.  With that in mind, you might be eyeing up your moving boxes and supplies as a place to potentially save some coin.  But how do you go about finding a great deal on moving supplies in the LA suburbs like Artesia without compromising on quality?

Local Sources of Moving Materials

If you’ve already started looking for boxes and supplies for moving, you’re probably focusing on places like the big box department stores, the van rental place, etc.  Even office supplies stores will often stock a few moving boxes.  The problem with almost all local sources is either supply or price.  You want enough selection of boxes and packing materials to fulfill your moving needs, but you also want a price that isn’t set for the impulse buyers.

Online Vendors of Moving Boxes and Supplies

Being the moving experts that we are, we’ve quickly come to realize that your best bet for finding great selection, high quality, and affordable prices are some of the online moving retailers.  These companies typically offer wholesale pricing, free shipping, and a best price guarantee (don’t go with one that doesn’t).  You buy almost everything else online nowadays, why not save some money on your move by using the same technique?

Of course, once you get those moving supplies to relocate to Artesia, CA, you’ll still need someone to move you to your new place.  That’s where comes in.  We’re experts in finding the best moving companies in the LA suburbs that meet your moving needs.  Click the big orange button below to get started.

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What are the Top Los Angeles Moving Tips?

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Top Los Angeles Moving Tips

Moving into, out of, or around the Los Angeles area?  Looking for some moving tips?  Of course you are, that’s how you found this article.  It’s important to get a jump on planning your move so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed later.  You’re definitely doing the right thing by educating yourself early.  So what are the top moving tips for the Los Angeles area…

Pre-Planning a Los Angeles Move

We hinted at this one already, but it’s important to get started as soon as possible with your moving planning.  Whether it’s researching movers, buying moving supplies, packing some boxes, or lining up a babysitter for the kids, you’ll want to get your ducks in a row as soon as possible.  The stress of moving day is always magnified by things piling up at the last minute.

Preparing for Weather and Traffic During Your Move

As your move approaches, you’ll want to keep careful tabs on the weather and traffic.  True, Los Angeles is renowned for its great weather, but everyone can have a bad day.  If rain is in the forecast, you’ll want to have a plan for keeping your stuff dry, a backup day, etc.  You should also take the drive to your new place and figure out the best route to avoid traffic, construction, etc.

The best tip for a successful move is to land the perfect moving company to fit your needs.  How do you do that quickly and easily?  Just click the giant orange button below.  In no time, you’ll receive complimentary moving quotes from the most reliable movers in the 90011, the 90034, and beyond.

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Finding the Best Los Angeles Moving Tips

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

The Best Los Angeles Moving Tips

If you’re in the market for the best Los Angeles moving tips, you’re probably used to coming here to and reading our latest articles.  But what if you want to really keep a finger on the pulse of the moving industry?  For folks like you, we recommend the following options:

Los Angeles Movers on Twitter is on Twitter, allowing you to keep up with the latest moving tips for the Los Angeles suburbs.  You can also check out our LA newcomer’s guide by clicking here.

Movers LA on Facebook

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Things to Like About Moving to La Verne, California

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Moving to La Verne, California

The nice thing about a big city like Los Angeles is that you’ve got plenty of suburbs to choose from when you decide to move to the area.  So how do you choose from so many attractive places?  For example, there are a lot of great characteristics that would make you feel happy about moving to La Verne, California.  What are they?

  • Suburbs Close to LA – La Verne is located only 30 miles from downtown LA.  This is a long enough distance to give you a quiet home to relax in, yet close enough so you can get to the attractions of LA fairly quickly.
  • Recreational Activities Near Los Angeles – La Verne is also one of a few suburbs located at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  This area is renowned for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities.
  • Easy Moves to La Verne, California – I’ll say it again for those who find it hard to believe…moving to La Verne, California is really easy.  You’ll be able to relocate to this attractive LA suburb with almost no frustration or stress whatsoever, with plenty of money left in your pocket afterwards.

Sounds great, but how does it work?  That’s the easy part.  Just click on the big orange button below and you’ll get free price quotes on moving services from the best movers in the 91750.  That’s right, you’ll have movers competing for your services and offering awesome prices.  What are you waiting for?  La Verne is waiting!

Relocating to the Suburbs of LA

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Avoiding Rage when Picking a Moving Company in San Dimas, CA

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Picking a Moving Company in San Dimas, CA

You’ve made it here to our page, which means one thing…you’re out there actively seeking out moving advice for the LA area.  Well done.  It’s very important to start doing your homework early, especially when it comes to selecting a moving company.  Doing so can often seem impossible without a healthy dose of anger or rage following along.  This is fairly fitting if you’re looking into relocating to San Dimas, since the area is home to Raging Waters, one of California’s largest and most popular waterparks.  Feeling better now that you know that?  What if we told you there are actually two ways you can find a great deal on a reliable moving company in the LA area? Let’s discuss…

Researching the Best Relocation Experts in Suburban Los Angeles

Properly researching your moving company options is a challenge no matter where you’re moving to or from.  Trying to do so in the LA area is another animal altogether.  You’ll want to know their price quote, the type of staff they employ, the moving services they offer, the condition of their moving vehicles, their reputation with recent customers, etc.  Tracking down all the info for multiple movers is not easy or fast.

Quickly Finding the Best LA Area Moving Rates

So if you’re relocating to San Dimas, CA or any of the other popular LA suburbs, what’s a quicker way to find a great deal on reliable moving services?  Let’s summarize:

High Quality LA Moving Companies

That’s right, it’s just that easy.  Here at, we’ve already done all the homework for you.  Five minutes after you click that orange button, you’ll be ready to receive free moving quotes from dependable movers in the 91773 and beyond.  Bye bye, rage.

More Information on San Dimas Moving Companies

Newcomer’s Guide to LA

Where to Find the Best Southern California Moving Tips and Info

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

The Best Southern California Moving Tips and Info

Most sites you go to for moving advice are owned by moving companies, clearly trying to hock their services.  Here at, we aren’t movers, but we do know a great way to hook you up with free moving price quotes from the reliable movers of your choice.  But, since you came here for southern California moving tips and info, we’ll cover all of that first…

How to Pull off a Successful Move to the Los Angeles Area

Like any big city environment, Los Angeles has it’s own little quirks to consider when planning your moving day.  We happen to have a bit of experience in that regard, which is summarized in our LA Moving Tips guide.

Planning your Southern California Move

Need a little more specific guidance for planning your move?  Feeling a little overwhelmed about what to do when?  That’s exactly what our Los Angeles Moving Checklist was created for.

What to do When You Get to LA

Los Angeles is the type of place that makes it pretty easy for people to have a good time.  But, if you’re new to the area and would like a guide to get you started, check out our Los Angeles Newcomer’s Guide.

Of course, actually getting to the LA area may not be as easy as you think.  If you don’t want to waste a bunch of time calling moving companies and sorting through the bad apples, just click on the giant orange bar below.  One quick form is all it’ll take to set you up with complimentary quotes from LA area moving companies who are known to be reliable, helpful, and professional.  Have a great move!

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Bridging the Gap Between Your Move and The Best Movers in La Puente, CA

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Best Movers in La Puente, CA

La Puente is a popular suburb located about 15 miles east of downtown LA.  Translated from Spanish, La Puente means, “the bridge.”  For a lot of people, planning a move includes two worlds: the fantasy world and reality.  Sure, you’d love to spend all kinds of times researching moving tips, getting things ready to go, and finding the best moving company to suit your needs.  But, busy lives often make reality a far different picture.  So how can you go about bridging the gap between these two worlds and finding the best movers in La Puente, CA?

  1. Planning an Upcoming Move – Planning an effective move is all about getting things done early.  If you’re lucky, you have plenty of time yet to start the ball rolling.  This often gets intimidating, so just take the list one day at a time.  Start by packing a few boxes of seasonal clothes and go from there.
  2. What Do I Need to Move? – This question can have a double meaning.  What items do you really need to take with you?  What equipment will you need to make a move happen?  Moves are a great time to determine what possessions you really need to keep.  Also, you can consult with whoever you choose from the best movers in La Puente, CA to determine what boxes and supplies you should need.
  3. Reputable LA Movers – Speaking of those movers, how do you go about finding great ones without spending a ton of time?  Actually, the best movers in La Puente, CA are waiting for you right here at  All it takes is one click of the big orange button below to get free price quotes on moving services from the best relocation experts in the 91744, the 91748, and beyond.  They’re all great, so just choose your favorite.

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