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Lancaster Movers Serves Zip codes:

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Lancaster Movers: Honesty Integrity Dependability

Family owned and operated. Lancaster Movers ( a division of Los Angeles Movers) with knowledge, care and expertise has packed and relocated more families in Southern California then any of there competitors. Moving can become stressful and Lancaster Movers will take the necessary steps to make your move an easy transition. If you choose to pack your own household items or have decided to request assistance. You can be assured your favorite heirlooms will arrive safely at its final destination with Lancaster Movers.

We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and dependability. We guarantee our quality of service and our movers are put through rigourous screening and background checks. Obtaining a free quote is easy. Simply fill out the form providing the zip code, destination city or state, approximate rooms, estimated move date and contact information. One of our professional moving representatives will respond promptly. They will answer any questions you have. From the size of the move to the packing materials our highly trained staff will assist you with all of your needs. Making your move as seamless as possible.

1. When packing your own household items use a spiral notebook , placing a number on every box you pack and list the contents on your list. Be specific so you know what you have placed in the box. .

2. Utilize wardrobe boxes by placing pillows, comforters, clothing etc. do not overstuff. Remember to give the width of the boxes to the mover. If you are requesting wardrobe boxes from Lancaster Movers ask them to provide you with the size of box/boxes they will be bringing to you.

3. Always keep things together. Keep pictures hooks with pictures, light bulbs with lamps, multiple cordless phones all in one box. Keeping things together, makes it easier to unpack and locate.

4. All of us carry Auto Insurance. Moving your priceless items or heirlooms can become damaged due to shifiting or movement. Always purchase movers insurance and protect those priceless treasures.

5. Passports, birth certificates, bank records, children's immunization records and more. Do not pack them in boxes, keep them with you.

Moving does not have to be stressful. Organization, proper planning and depending on Lancaster Movers to assist you will make the move more bearable.