L.A. Moving Checklist for a Smooth Move

The task of moving can be overwhelming if not done in a methodical manner. Although moving does require significant effort, it does not have to be stressful with proper preparation.

Two Months

Two months before the move, the moving process should begin in order not to be done hurriedly. Sorting and purging should begin at this time. Select those items that you plan to keep and those you wish to discard or donate. This is also the time to research moving companies. Estimates should be on-site to ensure the most accurate estimate. Be sure to get the estimate in writing. Create a binder in which you write information about the moving company prices that you are considering and eventually make a roster of your boxes and their contents. If you have school-age children, organize their school records for enrolling them in their future schools.

Six Weeks

Six weeks before the moving date, shop around for shipping materials. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers are essential packing materials. Compare prices to choose from whom you will buy these supplies. Use up things like perishable food items or give them away before the move. Also, take measurements of the new doorways to ensure that getting large items inside your new home will be no problem.

One Month

It is now time to choose a moving company. Get written confirmation on the moving date. It's also time to pack. The most infrequently used items should be packed first to keep living out of a box to a minimum. Label and number as you pack designating the items in the box and the room to which it belongs. Elaborately mark boxes containing essential, often utilized items for easy recognition. Separate valuables such as jewelry and personally transport these items. Keep the moving company estimate at your fingertips for easy access. Notify the post office of your upcoming change of address as well as other pertinent contacts. If you plan to use a different health care provider, arrange to have your medical records transferred or get copies of them yourself.

Two Weeks

Inform your employer that you will be off work that day. Clean out anything stored in a safety deposit box at your bank. Confirm again with the moving company on the moving date as well.

One Week

Now, refill all presciptions and pack suitcases. Defrost the refrigerator in the middle of the week and make payment arrangements for the moving company. Re-check the accuracy of your list of boxes and contents to prevent lost items.


On moving day, take final inventory of the boxes and other items to be transported. Since the boxes are labeled according to their room destinations, unpacking will be easier. The bathroom and bedroom boxes are usually the first and most useful that are chosen to be unpacked after the move is over.

Now that you are in your new domicile, don't worry about cooking and treat yourself and your family. Order take-out for the first night!